About Us

Royale Pools is a proud family owned company, specializing in building and servicing swimming pools. The company is owned and operated by Joe and Roxie Blood, with the help of their daughter Callie and her husband Cory.

At age 19, Joe began working in the pool industry. Building and servicing pools became his passion in life. With the knowledge and experience he had acquired, Joe felt that owning his own company was the right path for him and his family. In 1989, with the help of his wife Roxie, he started Royale Pools with the mindset of becoming a leader in the pool industry.

Joe and Roxie's daughter Callie started working for the company when she was 14. She worked part time through high school and college. She began working full time after college. Callie’s husband Cory began working with the company in 2008. Callie and Cory plan to take over operations when Joe and Roxie retire. They will pride themselves on maintaining the strong foundation provided by Joe and Roxie, and build upon it well into the future.

Royale Pools operates with a knowledgeable service staff, a dedicated construction crew, and friendly office personnel. Royale Pools strives to surpass every customer’s expectations by providing the highest standards of quality and service.